The environmentally friendly alternative to sand shot media blasting

DRiCE Dry Ice Blasting services in East Anglia provide a highly effective method of cleaning using Dry Ice (Co2)

Dry Ice Blasting, also known as Cryogenic Blasting is an efficient environmentally-friendly system of cleaning that doesn't use sand, shot, water or chemicals. Just frozen Co2 gas pellets discharged from a lance at high pressure, upon contact with the surface being cleaned the Co2 pellets sublimate back into gas.

This system of cleaning is highly effective in the removal of contaminants on many different types of surfaces, especially in beam cleaning.
Dry Ice Blasting is a highly effective DRY system of cleaning, NO water is involved in the process. The result of this is a rapid clean up and no drying out time. Machinery is back in use in a fraction of the time it would take if using traditional WET or chemical methods. Compared with sand/media blasting, Dry Ice Blasting is CLEAN, the only residue is that which is being removed. Unlike other cleaning systems the area in which the blasting takes place remains relatively clean. Nothing gets covered in grit, dust, water or chemicals.

Dry ice blasting is Environmentally Friendly. The Co2 is a by product of the petro-chemical industry. Co2 is not produced separately, it is always a by product of other industrial processes. Beam cleaning in old properties can be undertaken quickly and efficiently without the occupants needing to move out while the work takes place. Once again the reason for this is because there is no grit, water, chemicals or solvents involved.

DRICE Dry Ice Blasting services are based near Diss in Norfolk and cover East Anglia and the East Midlands. We undertake Residential and Commercial work. Our unit is mobile, comprising of a van, compressor and Dry Ice Blaster. All we require is access to a power point.
Please call Lee on 01953 454415 or 07411 834191 for more information and prices.

To see how easily Dry Ice Blasting restores surfaces - watch the videos below

Repair to fire damaged metal
cleaning walls dry ice blasting
Uses for Dry Ice cleaning:

Anti foul removal on boats | Food industry production lines

Commercial kitchens | Graffiti removal Casting moulds | Chewing gum removal

Tar removal on brickwork/boats/machinery | Algae/moss/mould removal

Timber | Beams | Doors | Floors Brickwork | Stonework

Fire damage (char removal) | Production lines (low downtimes)

Machinery - no damage to bearings/seals etc.| Electrical components

Car restoration | Paint removal | Engine clean | Chassis clean
T: 01953 454415
M: 07411 834191    
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